Thursday, February 15, 2018

Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse: Clearing a Path for the Higher Self

Today is the day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius at 27 degrees.  Aquarius, the Water Bearer is the sign associated with higher knowledge,  and the process of awakening to the higher self.  Many Aquarian's report being struck suddenly with "Ah-Ha" moments, where a light bulb suddenly goes off and pure clarity results.  Channeling something of a divine nature is common, as several famous classical composers and inventors have reported getting their ideas and works of art from another source, beyond the limited self.

Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius is known as a The Great Awakener, and typically comes to liberate/free us when life becomes stuck and stagnant - when the old needs to be transformed to something fresher, newer and more aligned with our authentic, truest self.  These themes are undoubtedly strong for many of us at this time, especially as Uranus in Aries sextiles the Sun and Moon conjunction (Eclipse) in Aquarius, giving the double strength of Aquarian themes - very very liberating.  We want new, we want authentic, we want the highest expression of ourselves.  However...

Jupiter in Scorpio will be squaring the energy and intention of this Aquarian Eclipse which creates a tension.  Scorpio rules shadow material hidden away in the subconscious.  The shadow is simply things (personalities, tendencies, energies) within ourselves that we are unaware of, that we deny, that are un-integrated.  These things are typically self defeating and can bring much suffering in our lives if they remained unintegrated.  Scorpio is a sign representing our personal power - or lack thereof.  The shadow holds much power, and once our energies are made conscious and integrated, we become more whole beings.  For example, if a woman denies her confidence and assertiveness she may attract to her an aggressive male, who may abuse her.  She is projecting and disowning her strength, confidence and power and it is coming to her from the outside in a distorted and destructive manner thru an abusing, aggressive partner.  Once she owns and integrates her inner warrior in a healthy way in the world, she will stop projecting and those aggressive, abusive partners will not need to pay her a visit to show her what she is denying within.

The planet Jupiter expands our vision and knowledge by providing ample teaching and learning experiences for our highest growth and  development.  In Scorpio, Jupiter is helping us to better see our shadow material so that we may become empowered.  We go from disempowerment to empowerment with Jupiter in Scorpio and that is the great gift Jupiter bestows in that sign.  We have seen this with the #meetoo movement.  As a collective we are becoming aware of male aggression towards females and females are awakening to their own power.  They are now willing to speak up so that these hidden power dynamics are brought to the surface.  As a culture we can learn and ideally grow past these archaic and destructive power dynamics - which can lead to a healing (Scorpio) and to freedom and a better way forward (Aquarius).

Squares in Astrology cause tension, but tension results in a powerful urge to resolve it.  Jupiter in Scorpio squaring that New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius is urging us to look at what is lurking within... those disempowering dynamics within our lives that prevent us from embodying the Higher Self, the best and most authentic version of ourselves. Because this square hosts Jupiter - a benefic planet in astrology, the tension is not so difficult, and if we get down to it and do our shadow work, this time can be incredibly liberating and bring many blessing now and into the future.  This square is also within the fixed signs and fixed equals stubborn and deeply rooted.  At this time, we may find deeply rooted behavior patterns that cause us massive energy leaks are popping up into our conscious awareness.  These things need our attention and resolution - we need a death and re-birth to occur in order to move forward into the Brave New World (Aquarius) we are creating for ourselves, one that allows us Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  After all , we cannot take up that endeavor with those Scorpionic energy vampires so fervently sucking on our necks.

Happy Eclipsing, XOXO!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Great American Eclipse, Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn: Clearing a Path to the Heart of the Lion

I am going to start this post off by mentioning the August 2017 Great American Eclipse in the sign of LEO as a segue into the Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn transits, as I believe both transits will be acting as a support for the intentions behind the Eclipse.  As the North Node of the Moon will remain in LEO for the duration of the Jupiter in Scorpio transit and part of the Saturn in Cap transit, LEO will be the evolutionary impulse of each and every one of us and will act as the backdrop to life.  I feel the power and meaning behind this Eclipse was immense and will have reverberations and repercussions beyond what we can even imagine - this one was a game changer for certain. So, let's touch on LEO a bit...

The intention of LEO is to create authentically - from the heart, and inherent within that creative heart based impetus is a kind of purity - untainted if you will. Watch the innocence of a child fully engaged in play - there is a feeling of freedom, unbound and unrestricted  by the insecurities, hang-ups or what other people think.  Ideally this should carry over to adulthood, but sadly our ability to genuinely express ourselves and create our lives from the heart becomes muddied by societal norms, familial conditionings, duties, obligations, responsibilities (should's and have-to's), and a whole host of fears,  insecurities and hang ups.  Our creations, our lives become severely watered down, half-assed versions of what we could truly be putting out there - mere fractions of our highest potential.

I think many of us have felt this dilemma during this past Eclipse season, and have become well aware that we have been living only half a life - and even living a lie.  Where is the zest, the authenticity, the joie de vivre?  When we don't live authentically from the heart, we are not honoring ourselves or life in general and we can suffer depression, exhaustion and severe anxiety as a result. The consequences of this are devastating.  Our hearts become withered and so do we.

This is where the benefits of the Saturn and Jupiter transits come in.  They will be strategically placed in the most powerful, hard working, intense signs of the zodiac for good reason.  In order to create authentically, in order to live our lives truly from the heart (LEO), we must remove the blocks to anything that prevents that process from unfolding, and these transits are coming to help us do just that.   We have all be awakened to this impetus during the Eclipse and these transits of Jupiter and Saturn will help to facilitate this process so that we may begin creating and living from a place of authenticity all our own.  Let's explore these transits in more depth...

Scorpio is all about penetrating underneath the surface of things, into the unconscious.  It is here where we can understand and see the deeper motivations and forces that drive us to behave in certain ways - it's the realm of the Shadow.  The Shadow can be thought of as anything that we have repressed or refused to acknowledge or develop in ourselves, and a lot of these things are set up early in childhood, a time when we were very impressionable and malleable.  Example:  We have a very authoritarian father, bossy and aggressive.  We grow up cowering in fear of his dictates and commands - our power gets essentially locked up - repressed.  We go out into life as an adult with a severe power loss, we are operating on a deficit.  We face the world in fear, deferring to everyone and everything as more powerful, more capable than ourselves.  How can we shine, live in our authenticity and create the life we were truly meant to live in that state?  We simply can't - our energy has been hacked and our batteries drained.  We are all operating in one way or another under the spell of these deeply buried psychological glitches, these early mind control programs running just beneath our conscious awareness acting as  a "slow drain" on our system.  Here is another example for the ladies:  you didnt get the love and attention you needed as a child, so you carry with you a deep black void and a broken heart.  Your need for love in insatiable.  Instead of healing your issue of being un-loveable (shadow), you attract to you a narcissistic vampire who reels you in with love bombing only to leave you empty, abused, high and dry.  Not exactly creating the love filled, joyful, happy life you wanted, right?  Nope.  Now onto Jupiter...

Jupiter is the planet of Wisdom and Knowledge.  It seeks to expand our vision.  Placed in Scorpio we can have access to and gain knowledge of all of those dis empowering things that typically lie under the surface of our conscious awareness. Think of an Eagle (one symbol of Scorpio) flying high overhead to get a birds-eye view of life, a larger more expansive view.  This transit will allow us to sense those hidden buggers, bring them out of the dark and into the light, so as to release their grip on our lives.  What we allow to remain repressed exerts tremendous power and control over our lives - in a very negative way.  Jupiter in Scorpio will seek to free us from the bondage of the unconscious.  Like skilled surgeons, we will be called to go in with our scalpels, find and cut out the cancer that weakens the system.   This process will then free up our energy to create and live our lives from a more authentic place.  Instead of living out our deepest wounds/fears, engulfed by repressed desires and creating misery through the pain body, Jupiter in Scorpio will free us to create from the unchained heart, the Heart of the Lion (which is the name of the degree the LEO Eclipse was on).

Saturn is the next helper the cosmos is calling on to clear the path for more authentic, heart based living.  Saturn is known as the task master, and aids in the manifestation and materialization process - of our dreams, goals and achievements.  This is where we get serious about life, where we roll up out sleeves and get to work, cutting out the fluff and distractions so that we may build something of substance and solidity, of quality and value.  However, when Saturn's energy gets twisted and contorted - it manifests as self imposed fears and limitations we place on ourselves which typically shows up as things outside ourselves that block and curtail any progress or achievement.  We may defer to authority figures, submit to the status quo, uphold tradition, duty and obligation, or take the safe and conservative route,  all so that we may be accepted into society.  A sense of belonging can be a strong motivating factor in life and the fear of not belonging to the clan can evoke a sense of fear so strong that we become paralyzed in our efforts to individuate and live life authentically.   Conformity is the result, and we all become replicas - cookie cutter molds - mere shells of who we could be.  This is the Shadow of Capricorn.  As Saturn makes its way through Capricorn, life may get worse before it gets better.  We all may experience severe limits and restrictions in our lives, but its likely these will be self imposed, yet we will think they are coming from outside forces like family, work and government.  This process will tie directly into the Jupiter in Scorpio transit - as this will also carry themes of dis empowerment and power struggles.  Imprisonment leads to the urge to free yourself.  We must first  go through the experience of being dis empowered so as to reclaim and take our power back, and this is exactly what these 2 transits will bring to our doorstep.  It is likely that we will see the cracks in the existing foundations of our lives (and within our societal and governmental structures), so that a restructuring process can occur.  First, Jupiter in Scorpio will bring a realization of how and what we are dis empowered by in our lives.  Then Saturn in Capricorn will show us how we don't claim authority over our own lives, but how we defer to others, or how we conform in order to belong.  The other shoe will drop now, and we will be offered the chance to let go of ALL of those things that DO NOT serve us any longer - including our own self undoing behaviors and attitudes.  Things will become CRYSTAL CLEAR under these no bullshit transits, and so the likelihood of running and hiding into some Neptunian fantasy land will be severely curtailed (bye bye Age of Pisces).  In order to be authentic and true to ourselves we must shake off anything that has muddied our waters.  Then we can commence the restructuring and rebuilding process offered by the double Capricorn energy of Saturn traversing its very own sign and later in 2019 the Jupiter in Capricorn transit.  If you're not afraid of change and transformation, if you look at the incredible opportunity being given to you at this time, the next few years will be much easier. It's all a perfect cosmic set-up - All is well underneath it all on planet Earth!!  Now to wrap up...

The 2017 Great American TOTAL Solar  Eclipse took place in the United States - it sliced right through from coast to coast - West to East - it made a bold statement without a doubt, its presence felt by all.   If this Eclipse could talk, it would say something like this:

"It's time to wake up - to realize that you have been endowed with the powers of creation - just as the creator of the Universe.  You have been given the precious gift of life - not to be wasted being a fraction of who we were meant to be, living in conformity, in fear, living from old wounds and false programs.  Awaken from the trance of the Age of Pisces, take control of yourself, own your life force, be strong and build a life that you can be proud of, one that is your very own.  Live with the Heart of the Lion".

Namaste my friends <3

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius and Inconvenient Truths

In the next few years, we will be presented with situations in our lives that are less than perfect... it will be a time of facing inconvenient truths (Saturn in Sagittarius).  As a result, we will be forced to make a decision to either let go of (Neptune/Chiron in Pisces) obsolete/dysfunctional things or make efforts to improve (Jupiter in Virgo) things. Either way, we will need to adapt and change based on a revealing of certain truths.  These planetary energies will be available for all, for the purpose of fixing up, improving and healing the things in our lives that we have neglected/avoided.  The planets will show us very blatantly where we have dropped the ball and ignored realities.   Saturn is involved, so the more we are willing to face reality and make necessary changes to improve, the more Saturn will reward our efforts.  The more resistant we become under Saturn's influence, the more we continue to ignore, the more Saturn will apply force, and the result will ultimately be chaos and dysfunction.

Saturn in Sagittarius is all about the need to define truths. Saturn asks: What are the cold, hard truths in your life?   The revealing of these as Saturn makes its sojourn thru the sign of the archer will be the motivating factors that get you to take constructive action to either "fix" a situation or to let go of it.  As Neptune is squared by Saturn in Sagittarius,  he lifts the veil and exposes things that we may not want to acknowledge, and we can feel overwhelmed with disappointment.  SO in our disappointment, we must remember that Saturn truly wants the best for us and our lives, and the more we are willing to face inconvenient truths and do something about them, the better off we will fare under these skies.  I suggest using the serenity prayer as your mantra to get you through the next few years:

God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

I believe this prayer can really help soften the edges of the difficult realities that we may all be facing under this transit.  It can act as our light and guidepost :) Neptune in Pisces can grant the serenity to accept what you cannot change, Jupiter in Virgo can gift you with the courage to change things that you can, and Saturn in Sag will give you the wisdom to know the difference.  These planets will be squaring and opposing each other off an on over the next few years, so the purpose of this article is to discuss how these energies will play out as they interact and mingle with one another.The key is to make this process conscious and to actively participate with these planetary energies - really make Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune work for you by working in cooperation with them.

Here is a concrete example of how this transit may play out: You are in a relationship that is showing to be problematic.  You don't know whether to stay or go.  Look at some of the cold/hard truths about the relationship.  Look at your principles and your values (Sagittarius) - does your relationship reflect those things? Stay true to yourself, be real and brutally honest (Saturn in Sag) about whether or not this is truly fixable or worth your time and effort to fix. If you don't follow this formula guided by the planets you will suffer, so keep it real.  If you decide to cling to Neptunian delusions and illusions about your situation, difficulties will very likely ensue, and Saturn will likely put the kibosh on your plans to salvage what is unsalvageable, or will force you to fix the things that you have been neglecting.

Here is another personal example:  My father had a heart attack recently.  He has personal planets in early Pisces, Virgo and Sag. Saturn was setting this aspect off as it transited through Sag when he had the heart attack.  My father smokes and eats tons of sugar, and is not the best with exercise.  It is known that smoking and sugar consumption destroys arterial health.  He had several blockages and needed stents to open up the veins.  His cold, hard reality is facing the fact that he has heart disease, and arteriosclerosis, and that HE WILLINGLY contributes to the problem by refusing to address the addiction (Pisces), and fails to make serious efforts to kick the habits in order to improve his health (Virgo).  As a result of all of this, his health is suffering, and now has limits placed on his daily activities (Saturn).   He is now facing an inconvenient, but very real truth.  I know several people this has happened to as Jupiter went into Virgo and Saturn into Sagittarius.  One a diabetic who does not properly manage blood sugars and another who smokes with COPD, and both had stints in the hospital.  So, if you think you can fall back into la-la land (sorry all my Pisces friends) with this transit, think again :)

Check your chart, see what houses Saturn, Neptune/Chiron, and Jupiter are transiting through,so that you can gauge what areas of life these transits will affect. From there, make a game plan as to how you are clean up, improve, fix, surrender or let go of of things symbolic of those houses.  Saturn appreciates methodical, structured plans and so does Virgo, so try as much as possible to take this life improvement seriously in order to manifest positive results.  Be on the lookout for Neptunian smoke and mirrors and try not to come under the spell of apathy and delusion - do not fall back into fantasy land (or onto additions, escapism, or bad habits and behaviors), lest you want to suffer under Saturn's stern finger shaking.  Use the higher, more exalted function of Neptune in Pisces and listen to your intuition, commune with your higher self - perhaps even use prayer to obtain answers on what moves to make and when. Make the spiritual a part of your life, but structure it and make it useful (don;t get lost in navel gazing).  Neptune also allows us to let go of or surrender to the obsolete and move on to greener pastures. It grants the ability to say goodbye to what no longer works with compassion and grace.

In summary, this will be a time to get real and to heal.

Important Dates:

Saturn square Neptune on November 26th, 2015, at 7 Sagittarius 02 (first) AND on June 17, 2016, at 12 Sagittarius 02, AND September 10th, 2016 at 10 Sagittarius 24 (last), with Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn square Jupiter on March 23, 2016, at 16 Sagittarius 24 AND May 26, 2016, at 13 Sagittarius 41 (last) with Jupiter in Virgo [first occurs in the sign of Scorpio on August 3rd, 2015]

Saturn square Chiron on December 28, 2016, at 21 Sagittarius 01 (first) AND on April 30, 2017, at 27 Sagittarius 18, AND on November 2nd, 2017, at 24 Sagittarius 47 (last) with Chiron in Pisces.

May - June 2016:  Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn will be an a t-square configuration, bringing much tension in our lives, and blowing up the above themes, so that we find positive resolutions.  Squares create friction so that we can grow and evolve.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Transformation is Still Upon Us...

With Saturn now in the last degree of Scorpio, we have one final attempt to complete long lasting life transformations.  In the act of transformation, something within us or in our lives must first die.  An attitude, pattern, belief, action, thoughts, judgements, a job, a relationship... whatever it is must go.

A re-birth and a clean slate to create something that is more authentic and healthy CANNOT occur, unless and until we are willing to give up that thing that no longer suffices, that no longer honors us, that thing that is cancerous to the soul.  Death creates space for new life, and in this positive light, death now becomes something to be celebrated and embraced rather than dreaded and feared.

For the past few years, with Saturn in Scorpio, the cosmos have been asking us to go deep within and explore the hidden depths of our psyche's... to get a better understanding of the things that make us tick and push our buttons,  the obsessions and compulsions, the cravings and addictions, the emotional morass of unmet needs... to become conscious of that weighty baggage we (knowingly or unknowingly) carry around, those nooses around our necks.  We have become blatantly aware of what disempowers us, so that we may become empowered once again.

As we take our decent into the Underworld to meet the characters of the id (hidden stuff), it is the chance of a lifetime to greet them with understanding, care and love, and guide them back to the light (our divinity and purity) so that they don't end up in control, running our lives and causing mass destruction along the way.  We give them a nod, we hear them out, we give them consciousness and then we (in our divine and untouched state) take the reins and run free.  Our renewal and transformation can begin, a new and different way is born, and our behaviors and choices are no longer influenced by and sourced from the EGO.  When we choose to become conscious of all that lurks within (Scorpio), we become wise (Saturn) and finally free.

Beyond Saturn in Scorpio, we are also coming upon a very energetic time period, chocked full of astrological configurations that require us to re-evaluate life, and again, let those things die that have served their purpose in our lives.

In September, we are full throttle in Eclipse Season, with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo (Sep. 13th) and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries (Sept.28th). Eclipses are notorious "course changers", ushering in new phases of life and different paths to take, many times requiring a letting go of sorts... again, "re-birth" themes.

Mercury retrograde (I know, sigh) is also just around the corner (September 18th).  This is a time when new information, that may have been previously hidden from view, surfaces into awareness. We may reassess a situation, and decide to leave it behind.  I know some people who skate thru Mercury retrogrades and some who are seemingly crucified by them.  This time period can peel the curtains back, give you a closer look, and reorganize your life in a major way.  Again, some goodbyes may be necessary...

Another cosmic trigger to consider is the Uranus/Pluto square. They will be moving into a much closer square configuration once again, being a degree apart starting December 31st, and lasting through March 2016.  Pluto has us examining how we follow the status quo (Capricorn), and how we are limited by past familial patterns and conditioning (Cancer polarity point), to the detriment of becoming free and sovereign individuals in our own right (Uranus in Aries).  Pluto is acting to purge out the inauthentic self, to make way for a new and more authentic, free and true individual to be born.  We are all being "deconstructed".   This is pretty heavy stuff, and the influence will continue to transform us through 2016.

Yes, it will be an extraordinarily energetic month transforming us to the core, so be gentle with yourself (and others)  and remember:  "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly"!

Fly free my friends, fly free...

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Venus into Virgo, Venus Retrograde and Venus in Leo

Venus will glide into Virgo on July 18th, and stay briefly until it's retrograde back into Leo.  It stations retrograde on July 25th in Virgo at 0 degrees.  All the while, as Saturn sits at the 28th degree of intense Scorpio, it casts a very serious and scrutinizing glare over to that Venus in a stressful square aspect which will be in effect from now until about August 8th.  Virgo jives pretty well though with Saturn and Scorpio.  Virgo can be serious, determined, intense -  it likes to fix things like Saturn and can be obsessive/compulsive like Scorpio. This aspect reminds me of Venus taking an underworld journey to explore the hidden psyche, and more importantly the condition of our heart.

Alongside this Venus/Saturn tango, Mars and Mercury in Cancer come up against an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (peaking on July 16th) ... YIKES!  That is a whole lotta seriousness and intensity happening, perhaps challenging our emotional stability and jabbing at our comfort zones and feelings of security. Pluto/Scorpio/Saturn/Cap is about purging and pruning those things that no longer work for us, no matter how much it hurts.  This energy is about taking responsibility for outdated behavior patterns and possible wrong choices that we have made that creates dysfunctions and problems for us.  Here is a chance to get real, let go and clear the decks.

Back to Venus....

Venus has been transiting Leo about a month now, which is all about romance, parties, expressing the self, creativity and shining your light a little brighter. Venus is extroverted here.  The switch to Virgo has Venus taking it down a couple of notches, becoming more modest - perhaps more introverted, discriminating about how it expresses its heart.  You may notice a pulling back of your love, affections and warmth right now  (or others doing the same to you) as Venus in Virgo is trying to decide what is "worth" its time, energy, and heart. This is a period of significant analysis and reconsideration of all things Venus - Money, Love, Worth, Value, Aesthetics.  Add that Saturn in Scorp. square into the mix  and you could recollect and rethink all of your past relationships, and feel  the sting of any abandonments, rejections, regrets, hurts, losses or for that matter any relationship patterns that just ARE NOT tolerable any longer.  This is not a great time for amputations, as it is for RE-considerations, by examining facts AND feelings for a possible change of heart after the retrograde period is over on October 9th.  This is a time for serious discernment and facing facts  about love, finances, worth and value (both intrinsic and extrinsic).  The Venus in Virgo square Saturn in Scorpio sets the tone for the whole Venus retrograde period, which spends most of its time in Leo, as it moves backwards.  Again, get ready for your personal Persephone journey to the underworld to meet some necessary demons.

After Venus goes back into Leo from Virgo, you once again get to express your heart, and engage with all those things you "think" (key word is think) you love and value, but you may start to see some cracks appear.  This is a period of revealing through experience, all those things in your life that have lost their value, those outdated relationships that have no real meaning and worth, those things that you give to or assign importance to that do not fill up your heart any longer or that are just plain unworkable and soul destroying, those things that lack BOTH substance (Saturn/Scorpio) and sparkle (Leo).

As Venus makes its sojourn, it meets up with benefic Jupiter, August 4-6 at 28 Leo, emphasizing the idea that the internal changes that we are making with regards to Venusian themes (Love, Relationships, Money, Worth, Values) will have future implications - in other words we are creating a new template for the future, one purged of bad dynamics, poor choices, and things that are not authentic to us any longer.  And while this purging may be painful, it is quite necessary in order to create a clean slate.  Jupiter inspires us to cultivate hope, faith and trust (Jupiter) that this process of letting go of (Saturn/Scorpio) what is no good (patterns, people, jobs, habits etc.) and what has become inauthentic to our hearts expression, will only open doors to a new and better life, one filled with not only joy and abundance, but also embodies a certain solidity and stability (Saturn) that we can really count on.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Saturn's Last Hurrah in Scorpio Square Venus: Purging the Shadow from the Heart

I know many of you will be grunting upon Saturn's return to Scorpio for one last round of "Shadow Boxing", but since it will be our reality from June 14th thru September 17th, it could be of benefit to understand what this means for us so that we may make the best use of this transit.

Scorpio is all about the act of diving deep into the unconscious, in order to better understand the hidden emotional forces and unresolved traumas that drive our self destructive actions and behaviors. Its coming face to face in the most honest and sometimes brutal way with those cancers that infect our being and prevent us from truly being empowered and reaching our higher selves.  

Scorpio can be likened to the realm of Hades (Underworld), where Persephone was taken to in order to shed her naivety and wrestle with some heavy demons - after which she was released back to the light of day, reborn in the Spring, refreshed with new life and transformed... a bit older and wiser. Not a pretty process, but leads to true freedom and guides us to the authentic source of our power  - rather than being overpowered by unconscious forces.   This is where we get to the root of our dysfunctions and learn about our deep psychological dynamics in order to purge the toxicities and get on better than before.  Its the process of purification and transformation through traumas and adversities... like a rising from the ashes.  What doesn't kill you in the Scorpionic realm really does make you  stronger.

Good news is that we have been schooled in these realms pretty much since 2012, when Saturn first entered Scorpio, and also when the Uranus/Pluto Square commenced, so at this point, we should be no stranger to this process. We all have had our Hadean abductions or have experienced them thru osmosis from someone close to us having their own Scorpionic battles,  We finally got our release from the Underworld somewhat on Christmas Day 2014, as Saturn slid into Sagittarius BUT, there are some things that obviously need one last look over,  some demons that are still lurking in the shadows.... hence the dip back into Scorpionic waters. The fun will begin June 14th.

Taking another look at our psycho-emotional contents that disempower will now involve the sign of Leo, as Saturn in Scorpio will square several planets as they make their way through the Lion's domain. This may make for an epically dramatic and difficult summer, but forewarned and armed with knowledge of this process can help lessen the Scorpionic Sting.

First,  Saturn will square Venus in Leo (in its Pre-retrograde Shadow Phase) approx. July 7th to the 15th and again August 6th thru 8th.  The Venus Retro - Shadow Phase will have us rethinking such things as love, relationships, finances, beauty, self worth and self value as well as what we place value and worth on in our lives. The square from Saturn will make us very seriously reconsider the above and will not allow things to remain in our lives that are shoddy.  Saturn is about quality and building sound  and solid structures.  If your "love consciousness" isn't what it should be, it will now get a makeover.

Venus in Leo is on Fire.  It's about expressing what's in the heart with a passionate fervor, it loves LOVE and romance and displays of unabated affection, BUT Saturn puts the brakes on in Scorpio and says WAIT A MINUTE!!  Is this authentic, or is this frivilous?  Is this phoney, is this shabby, is this just about EGO,  or is this true, right, and of quality?  Are you giving your heart to something/someone for the wrong reasons?  Are you just looking for attention that you never got in childhood, some ego stroking?  Are you with someone because there is no one else to be with?  What are the state of your friendships/social life?  Are you staying with someone who treats you poorly because you have low self worth or abandonment issues?  Are you a Narcisist? Are you with a Narcisist?  Do you spend all your money on clothes, hair, makeup to make you look pretty because you have no intrinsic self worth?  Are you in a job that makes tons, but sacrificing your true happiness and true calling (aka, selling out)?  Heavy stuff here guys, that's Scorpio for you.  

Leo loves romance, grand gestures of love. attention and affection.  It wants to be noticed and swooned over.  It wants to express all of the joy, creativity and passion that resides in the heart. However, Saturn in Scorpio will bring up issues that may potentially prevent this from happening. Scorpio will bring to the surface any issues that taint our Venus energy from fully expressing healthfully and authentically.  How can the heart clearly express itself and its desires freely with Saturn's negating and blocking effects?  It's not that Venus in Leo while Square to Saturn absolutely cannot express its  hearts desires, it's not that it cannot express love, creativity, joy and passion... it's that Saturn in Scorpio will FIRST have to clear out the heart center of past and present traumas, wounds (Scorpio),  and dysfunctions so that we can manifest true and pure desires of the heart, free from negative distortions related to those unresolved issues.  This will produce a necessary clearing and unblocking of the heart chakra center,  in order to create a healing. This process will require FEELING EMOTIONS and having to wade through some sticking psycho-emotional issues, and get real with what rises to the surface.  As unpleasant as it is, that is the function of Saturn in Scorpio and that is what is being asked of us... we don't get a choice here.  This is a good thing.  Who wants to walk around with a dysfunctional Venus and get more of what we don't want... more misery, more suffering, more unhappiness, more inauthenticity of the heart?  Do the healing work and Saturn rewards, rather than withholds or punishes.

What do you really desire for your life?  What does your heart want to express?  Are these desires and expressions pure or tainted with wounds and traumas? How do you give/receive love? Healthfully?  Do you feel Joy?  Are you able to manifest abundance for yourself - not just in material ways , but also in loving and appreciating the little things? Are you valuing appropriate things... or are they empty, shallow and without real meaning?  How is your self worth and value?  What has worth to you in your life?  Do you need to resolve, heal and square away any blocks to the above things? What past traumas lingers in the depths of your heart that prevents it from opening fully? You can bet that all things Venus related will be Seriously (Saturn) Purged (Scorpio) under this transit, so better to be proactive with this process of purification rather than wallowing in self pity when the wrecking ball hits.  This will be a time to clear the decks and to reclaim the healed heart. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, April 4, 2015. The Purge

So here we are again, in the midst of yet another Eclipse Season.  With the Uranus/Pluto square at the backdrop of every other cosmic event since 2012, the chaos seems never ending... the drama seems to never cease, and this Eclipse season is no exception.  With Pluto/Uranus driving this Eclipse, what else can we really expect but drama, especially the personal emotional kind.  :)

We just went through a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, which in a way marked the End of Era of something, and this something is different and personal for each and every one of us.  Pisces is partly about denial and illusions, and if we held either of those about anything in our lives, it became apparent at this Eclipse.  Acting in unconscious ways is no longer cool.  Being a conscious and active participant in life, paying attention to the details is now very much in vogue.  Awareness and accountability is where its at! Anything that undermines (Pisces) our lives "should have" been gently released and forgiven at the Pisces Solar Eclipse, including all of our self undoing behaviors (also Pisces).  Its now Spring, so we get a fresh clean slate to work from.  Endings and new beginnings is the theme.

So now we must again face the music of another eclipse (Full Moon) in Libra that is in the clutches of the Pluto/Uranus Square, meaning relationships and relating will be ground zero.  First of all, get ready to purge anything about your relationships (Libra) that is toxic (Pluto).  Pluto is transiting Capricorn and its natural polarity point of Cancer is brought in.  Cancer/Cap loves tradition and maintaining the past... that is where they derive their security, no matter how outlived, outdated or unhealthy something is. Dysfunctional patterns that we have been holding onto for eons, that affect the way we relate to others really gets uprooted in quite shocking and intense ways at this Eclipse.  Nothing to be scared about really... that's just nature.  When your body carries something harmful, it does what it can to purge the toxicity.   Same here at the eclipse.  We go through a round of purging, so that we can get on with life in a much better way than before. Its a clearing of the path ahead.

The ruler of this Eclipse is Venus, transiting Taurus, which means we are all craving and desiring things of quality and value. Building good, solid and stable relationships should be on top of the to do list.

Eclipses are portals of change, and if we can welcome the energy of change, we will be much better equipped to the handle the process without coming undone.  Its all about flow, really.  The Astrology tells us what is coming cosmically, it gives us the heads up, and we get to decide (through free will) if we are going to cooperate and prepare or not (and get dragged kicking, screaming and tantruming), its that simple.

I suggest really being honest with yourself about the state of all your important one to one relationships, and your own relating patterns.  Take the time to self reflect, and have those important conversations with your loved ones.  Allow for a catharsis in this area, which is a very distinct possibility.  Think rebirth and all of the good that can come from clearing away the toxicity of the past, and welcoming the new, better and different in celebration of the glory and hope of the Spring that lies ahead of us all!

Happy Easter to All..  New Life Awaits!